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Creations with soul

Bellalma is born from the immense need to offer love in a creative way through art and from the soul. So I put a little bit of myself and you in each garment I design, with love and exquisiteness.

Bellalma designs all types of garments in a UNIQUE and PERSONALISED way; underwear, t-shirts, trousers, accessories, slippers, clothes for children, necklaces for pets, table linen for restaurants, etc.



From the age of eleven and thanks to the influence of Gaia (Mother Earth) I began to explore within myself, with the immense need to offer love in a creative way, combining artistic and spiritual growth, alternating alternative therapies with skills and personal experience that life itself has given me.

I started creating pictures with recycled materials, jewelry made of stainless steel and minerals, etc. to get to the current stage, where I put all my love into clothes and little things.

I was always self-taught, but I wanted to learn and explore more, which allowed me to develop a more expanded visualization and creation to recognize and analyze the soul of things.

How it works

If you want some of my creations you only have to send me a current photo and your approval to create for you. We choose together the product you want to take with you. I can send it to you by post or in person, whichever suits you best.

Payment can be made by bank transfer or deposit to a bank account or directly in cash. The shipping price will already be included in the total.

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